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Ping-Pong Free Press brings together a spectrum of influences and combines them with an ecological social perspective on the nature of art and the human predicament.  We are committed to promoting artists we firmly believe in, and sharing our enthusiasm for their work with a wider audience.  The Henry Miller Memorial Library is a repository of natural beauty in an accessible public space.
We are also interested in publishing writing with a radical environmental stance, perched as we are on the edge of the continent with condors flying overhead flipping the bird to extinction.

The Henry Miller Memorial Library champions the literary and artistic legacy of Henry Miller, naturally his legacy goes beyond his own writing. We may not have even known about Miller had it not been for Anaïs Nin. Miller existed at the peripheries of American literature, but his sources, and his influence, extend far beyond this country, to the international literary avant-garde. Miller was and is as much an international literary figure as he was/is an American one.

Ping-Pong Free Press supports many poets, writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, and photographers. These artists are part of varied communities: LGBTQ, people of color, and the under-represented—some of whom would never have found a voice in the mainstream, like Henry, like Anaïs.

The editors of PPFP are committed to preserving Miller’s legacy with an eye toward honoring communal, non-materialistic values and seeking excellent work that exemplifies this point of view.  

In the spirit of Henry Miller, who championed the disregarded, the liminal,
and who, above all, wanted to bring into the light writing and literature that troubled the elite, Ping Pong Free Press will quite simply seek to publish the best work out there.

Maria Garcia Teutsch, Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Photo of Maria Garcia TeutschMaria Garcia Teutsch’s collection, The Revolution Will Have its Sky, won the 2015 Minerva Rising chapbook competition, judge: Heather McHugh. She is a poet, multi-media artist, producer, educator and editor. She has published over 20 journals of poetry as editor-in-chief of the Homestead Review, published by Hartnell College in Salinas, and Ping-Pong journal of art and literature, published by the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, California. She teaches poetry and creative writing online. She serves as president of the board of the Henry Miller Memorial Library, and is the founder and EIC of Ping-Pong Free Press.





Susan Roether Zsigmond, Associate editor-at-large


River Atwood Tabor, Creative Director

Photo of River Tabor

River served as Art Director for Ping-Pong Journal of Art and Literature for 6 years before helping to found Ping-Pong Free Press. He is currently living in Europe and working on a poetry collection. He is a rising junior trying to get through his undergraduate work having recently switched his major from philosophy and religion to, you guessed it, creative writing. 






Michael Willis-Graphic Design God 



Ghan Patel, Web God

Photo of Ghan PatelGhan is a software engineer based in Brooklyn, NY. Background: Cornell University, Google, Isobar, WunWun, and Tentrr. Clients: Henry Miller Memorial LIbrary, Allen Ginsberg Estate, Philip Glass, International Center for Transitory Justice, and Anonymous Bodies.








Jennifer Lagier Fellguth, Web Goddess

Photo of Dr. Jennifer Lagier Fellguth


Jennifer is a scribbler who creates and maintains websites for a variety of literary magazines. Her own website may be found at http://jlagier.net






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