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Ping-Pong Free Press

Henry Miller Memorial Library
Highway One
Big Sur, California 93920

The Henry Miller Memorial Library champions the literary and artistic legacy of Henry Miller. This cannot mean only the writings of Miller himself. We may not have even known about Miller had it not been for Anaïs Nin. Miller existed at the peripheries of American literature, but his sources, and his influence, extend far beyond this country, to the international literary avant-garde.

Ping-Pong Free Press brings together a spectrum of influences and combines them with a radical social perspective on the nature of art and the human predicament. We are committed to promoting artists we love, and sharing our enthusiasm for their work with a global audience. We host poetry competitions each year, and will host a novella contest in 2017. We are also interested in publishing eco-poetics, perched as we are on the edge of the continent with condors flying overhead flipping the bird to extinction. 

In the spirit of Henry Miller, who championed the disregarded, the liminal, and the censored, and who, above all, wanted to bring into the light writing and literature that troubled the elite, Ping-Pong Free Press will also seek to publish “genre” literature that has long been ignored by the academy and literary establishment. We hope to upend the literary world's expectations and expose readers to a wider, stranger universe.  

Ping-Pong Free press is a member of CLMP and follow all guidelines therein.


Cover of White Fire


Ping Pong Free Press and the Henry Miller Library are proud to announce the publication of "White Fire" by Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts! Release party reservations: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/white-fire-a-reading-by-elliot-ruchowitz-roberts-and-an-exhibit-by-alan-stacy-tickets-35940222172














Cover of Medaeum


"Medaeum" by Jameson O'Hara Laurens available
for purchase here: Henry Miller Library Storefront


Cover of A Small Suitcase of Russian Poetry


A Suitcase of Russian Poems, versions by Ilya Kaminsky and Katie Farris. Our first release was published in April 2016 and is a small anthology of Russian poems in translation. 









Cover of 2015 Ping Pong Magazine



2015 Ping Pong Magazine










Pussy by Maria Garcia Teutsch








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Next Contest Opens November 1, 2017

For more info, please contact the editors at pingpongfreepress@gmail.com